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Yoshio Koshimura,Chairman of Japan Pet Food Association, an Incorporated Association

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the support given to the Pet Food Association by the member companies as well as all other parties involved with pet food industry.

Based on 2014 pet food industry annual production volume survey by the Government, the sales by the member companies has increased by 2% in value to 2.68 billion yen and 1.7% by volume to 655,000 tons. These figures may have been inflated to some extent due to the consumer tax increase last minute buying in.

Based on 2014 industry’s annual national pet owner survey, the dog population has declined by 5% to the estimated population of 10.3 million with the household penetration of 15.1%. The cat population has been static in the last several years with the estimated population of 9.96 million with the household penetration of 10.1%.

The most important agenda for the industry at this moment for next few years is how we can stop the decline of dog population.

The Association will implement the following activities in 2015-2016 to increase the pet ownership by
・Promoting the benefits of pet ownership,
・Removing social barrier for ownership,
・Improving social welfare of pets,
・Helping breeder communities to comply with Pet Protection Law together with other interested parities and
・Continuing the improvement of quality and safety of pet food by complying the laws and regulations

2015-2016 Activities
・It is well known fact among the academia that pet keeping would improve the health of people. But in Japan, there have been no significant studies done to prove that the pets bring a healthier life to the people. We intend to conduct a series of studies to prove the beneficial effect of pet ownerships. With the nation’s fast aging population and its associated increase in the government health expenditure, the proof of the pet ownership benefits is vital not only to the society but also to an aging individual.
・Pet cannot choose what they eat therefore the safety of pet food is at most important to the pet. We continue to provide information and guidance to the member companies and pet industry organizations not only to comply with the laws, regulations but also conduct the seminars to improve manufacturing practice.
・Large numbers of current non-pet owners exist who wish to have a pet if certain conditions are met. We will find the ways to remove barriers for potential ownership.
・It is also important to educate pet owners of their social responsibility as the number of pet increases. We currently conduct web based pet owner social manner test and we intend to expand the activities working jointly with pet shop and vet organizations.

Our mission is not only to deliver the safe pet food but also a happier and healthier life for the people and pets. We, as Pet Food Association, endeavors to deliver the Mission as the goal of our business.

Hisashi Ishiyama,
Chairman of Japan Pet Food Association, an Incorporated Association