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Japan Pet Food Association has various activities including “Dissemination of Pet Food, PR”, “Enlightening Pet Owners on Manners for Keeping Pets”, “Volunteer Activities” and “Survey Activities”.

Dissemination of Pet Foods, PR

We actively cooperate in events held on a national level such as “Be-Kind-to-Animal Week/ Central Event” held in Tokyo every year in September; “Japan Pet Fair” held once every two years; “Be-Kind-to-Animal Symposium” and “Photo Contest for Playing With Animals”.
We also take part in various types of lecture series involving pet foods in order to assure that the industry enhances knowledge of pets correctly.。

Enlightening Pet Owners on Manners for Keeping Pets

We have planned and produced a video called “Five Points for Enjoying Life With Your Dog” which is effectively being used at veterinarian hospitals, libraries, and animal protection centers in various regions.

Volunteer Activities

We have provided pet foods and collected donations from association members to help animals victimized by disasters such as the volcanic eruption at Mount Unzen-Fugen; the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake; volcanic eruption of Mount Usu in Hokkaido; volcanic eruption of Miyake island, the torrential rain in Niigata prefecture and the Niigata Chu-etsu earthquake.

Survey Activities

We hold surveys every year concerning caring for pets such as the number of cats and dogs owned by families and awareness survey in caring for pets in housing complexes. These survey results are used in various areas as the only pet caring survey material available in Japan.
We also provide various data to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries for its annual survey on the distribution amount of pet foods. This survey becomes the basic data for calculating the market size of the pet industry.