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For the purpose of keeping the protect of safety and health for dog and cat as pet, the Law for Ensuring the Safety of Pet Food (Law o. 83 of 2008) shall be enforced in Japan since June 18,2008. Therefore, all of the manufacturer ,importer and wholesaler which are dealing with the pet food for dog and cat in Japan shall be required with the compliance of this Law. The contents of this Law are as follows;

Note: This is unofficial translation. Only the original Japanese texts have legal effect and the translation is to be used solely as reference .material to aid in the understanding of this Law, Government Ordinance. and Ministerial Ordinance.

・Law for Ensuring the Safety of Pet Food(Law o. 83 of 2008)
Date of promulgation: June 18, 2008

・Government Ordinance Pursuant to Law for Ensuring the Safety of Pet Food
Date of promulgation: December 3, 2008

・Ministerial Ordinance No. 2 issued on May 18, 2009
According to the regulations stipulated in Item 1 of Article 6 and Paragraphs 1 through 3and Paragraph 5 of Article 9 and Article 10 of the Law for Ensuring the Safety of Pet Food (Law No.83 of 2008) as well as in order to enforce said Law, the Ministerial Ordinance for Enforcement of the Pet Food Safety Law